The Adoptees Voice The Lost Thread in the Tapestry of Adoption

Good evening everyone! Thanks for taking time to read this message! As many of you know I am a Certified Professional Life Coach:) I am getting ready to launch a huge project and specialty! The Voice of the Adoptee! I am in the process of gathering data, and conducting interviews with folks whose lives have been touched by the heart of adoption. Please contact me if you are interested in a confidential, loving and meaningful conversation around this topic! I would LOVE to chat with you, whether you are an adoptee, a birth mom an adoptive mom, a sister brother… Well you get the idea!:) I love you and I am so grateful for you! Seems kinda weird to throw this out on FB, yet it is the fastest way to connect with you, so here we go!! Hugs! LeAnne‚ô•

Thank you! In addition to what I shared in the above post, I have a huge heart for those whose lives have been touched by the heart of adoption. My heart, my life and my relationships have been touched to the core… The data and interviews¬†will remain confidential and done on a one on one basis, first and foremost. All information shared is sacred and I hold with dignity each persons story. I am conducting interviews for my person growth, and to give those touched an opportunity to share with someone who really cares. I have a desire to compile current data, that will help move the voice of adoption forward, There is a book in the future as well as creating a platform for our voices to be heard. I am a coach who desires to be of service to this community with a whole heart, mind, body and spirit! Hope that helps:-)
You are the missing piece!

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